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Anna Ruth is not your ordinary private investigator, she is also a public relations specialist and a driving force behind our pursuit of justice for survivors of human trafficking, child sex abuse, and other crimes against humanity. With an undergraduate degree in Communications, Ruth masterfully merges her unique skill set with her genuine empathy, to seek justice for those who have been wronged.

Beyond her professional life, Ruth is a loving wife and devoted mother, cherishing the joys and responsibilities that come with these roles. Her dedication to her family is mirrored in her work, where she strives to protect and support those who have suffered unimaginable trauma. Her unwavering determination, sharp intellect, and compassionate heart are evident in every case she investigates, as she tirelessly works to uncover the truth and ensure that the voices of the survivors are heard. 

Ruth has an adventurous spirit and an insatiable curiosity, never shying away from trying new hobbies. Whether it's tending to her beehives, baking bread, or caring for her flock of chickens, she dives into each pursuit with an adventurous spirit. Her diverse interests not only reflect her zest for life but also illustrate her willingness to approach investigations from unique angles.

Ruth’s unwavering commitment to her work is rooted in a trauma-informed approach, ensuring that every step she takes is considerate of the experiences and healing journey of those the firm serves. She knows each survivor by name, taking time to learn their story and create a connection. 

In her capable hands, victims find an advocate and friend who not only aims to understand their pain but also encourages them in their pursuit of justice. Ruth's talents and dedication embody the spirit of our firm's mission.
Anna Ruth


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