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What Human Trafficking Survivors and Their Advocates Need to Know

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Gregory is as knowledgeable as he is passionate about crime victim rights. Below is a link to a webinar he presented in July, 2020, for The National Crime Victim Bar Association on civil remedies available to the survivors of human trafficking. It's lengthy but packed with useful information for survivors and their advocates.

Some of the Highlights of this Video Include:

A closer look at TVPRA - §1595

TVPRA is the Trafficking Victim Protection Reauthorization Act. In 2008, Congress amended §1595 to expand the application of the civil remedy. In this video, Greg takes a closer look at why this amendment is so important.

Industry and Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, which includes labor and sex trafficking, is found in many industries that consumers come in contact with daily. An important aspect in the fight against human trafficking is raising awareness about the industries that enable it. For example, labor trafficking abuses have been reported in the construction, agriculture, domestic work, salons, massage parlors, and the restaurant, hospitality, and food industry. In this webinar, Greg takes a closer look at industries, products, and other factors that are contributing to this global human rights crisis.

Pursuing Litigation in a Trauma-Informed Manner

When considering filing a lawsuit, our firm evaluates many factors. It is critical that attorneys who represent survivors are trauma informed and that their decision making process is guided by the best interest of the client. Some of our considerations when evaluating a case include:

Are there potential defendants who have means to satisfy a judgement?

Is the survivor available for discovery and stable enough to endure years of litigation?

Are the potential defendants located in the United States?

Are there safety concerns for the survivor or his or her family?

Are there other potential plaintiffs?

How will civil litigation impact the criminal case?

Will civil litigation have an impact on the survivor's immigration status?

You can learn more about our process in the video.

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